Health Crisis ≠ Internship Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a set of unique challenges for everyone to overcome, from hiring freezes to internship cancellations.

Seeing our own family and friends affected by this, we wanted to do our part to provide some help. Through our network, we’ve curated MBA internships opportunities at startups around the nation who want and need you this summer.

How It Works

We curate the best opportunities
We hand-pick startups to ensure only the best and most exciting opportunities are on here.
Create your student profile
Answer a few questions about your background and career aspirations.
Receive tailored opportunities
We send you a list of top startups matching your interests and skills.
Select and connect
Choose which ones align with what you’re looking for and reach out to them!

Wondering how you can relate your MBA training to a role at a startup?

Find out why now is the perfect time for you to find a summer internship at a startup.
Optimized for Remote Work
Almost all work is being accomplished remotely and there’s no business better positioned to excel in that environment than startups. Hedge against further lockdown delays by securing a position that you can count on.
Real-Life Case Studies Daily
Remember all those case studies you’ve been working on the past few semesters? You’ll apply those newly developed skills in a real-life case study every day.
Your School Can Help Pay For It
Summer Subsidy Programs are being provided by dozens of schools to MBA students who want to intern at early stage startups who may not be able to pay intern salaries. Learn more here.
Chart the Course of the Future
Working at a startup lets you make an impact on business challenges during a company's formative years. Startups are often on the cutting edge of innovation in their industry and you can be a part of shaping it.
Want to fast-track your startup career?
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