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The pandemic has disrupted and eliminated many traditional internship experiences for MBA students across the nation.

When COVID-19 struck in March 2020, MBA students faced an uncertain job market as internship programs shifted to remote, and in some cases, were shortened or cancelled. In response to seeing our own family and friends battle this challenge, we’ve created a way for early stage startups to connect with dozens of the most sought after students from Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia, and other top US business schools with profiles waiting for you on our site.

How It Works

We find the best MBA students
View profiles of MBA students from the top US schools that are actively interested in startup roles.
Create your startup profile
Answer a few questions about your company and what roles you're hiring for.
Gain exposure & get discovered
We recommend your startup to candidates that match what you're mutually looking for.
Select and connect
Interested job seekers will apply straight to your postings, or you can reach out to potential candidates directly.

Summer Subsidy Programs Available

MBA interns out of your budget? Top MBA programs across the nation provide significant subsidy support for MBA students who choose to intern at early stage startups.

Worried about cost? Don't worry, everything is free.
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Spend more time building a business and less time sourcing candidates.

We can help you find your next hire.
Startup hungry
Get direct access to a pool of candidates with specific intent on working in the startup world.
Curated community
We curate candidates on our platform that are actively seeking startup roles that match your company's profile.
Active seekers
Candidates on our platform are actively looking for opportunities for their summer and post-grad.
First-class business training
All our candidates are current or former graduates from top U.S. business schools.
top-tier candidate network
company partners
cities in the US
top graduate school partners

Our candidates have experience from leading organizations globally

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